Happy Holidays!

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I know my last blog was tardy, but I have a very decent excuse this time. Cold season bit me hard, my friends. I hope few of you have had to endure a nasty flu this year like I had to. If I had to choose between being sick and eating a can of worms… Well, I’d probably choose being sick, but it definitely falls under the FML category. But, other than looking like a zombie for more than a month, December has been stupendous.

For one, I TURNED NINETEEN. Yes, 1-9. I know, for some of you, I am still a baby. But, when you are a starving musician trying to make a name for yourself, not being allowed in to your own show at a club can get a little annoying. So, I am more than excited. And, no, in case you were wondering, I did not waste my nineteenth birthday partying the night away. Seeing as I don’t drink, I skipped the pub and stayed at home with my Yorkie, Tobias, watched the horrid 1970 classic Santa Claus Is Coming to Town with my mother (whom pointed out that Mrs. Clause really let herself go), consumed more calories in one night than I had eaten in a week, and drank the only shot I had on my birthday; a shot of freshly juiced ginger root. Sure, you may think it was lame, but I consider it one of the nicest birthdays I have had in a while. Plus, I really just don’t see the point in keeling over the toilet from an entire night of drinking. A. I’m not an idiot. B. I’d rather poke my eyes out.

Secondly- and I need not give it an introduction- but… CHRISTMAS was three days ago. It certainly didn’t feel like Christmas, given the lack of a Winter Wonderland, but regardless, I had a jolly good time. My family came from every direction and spent the special time of year together for a day filled with present exchanging, food preparing (and re-making due to some member’s lack of food baking skills), The Grinch (Jim Carrey in green version) viewing, Cranium ownage (on my team’s end)… and somehow ending the night with Top 20 Most Shocking Videos: Seniors Gone Wild Edition on Spike. Overall, this year was a success. The one downside was there weren’t any Tim Hortons open. Who’d’a thunk? Considering the apocalypse is apparently less than a year away, I can say my potential last Christmas is one I will always remember. Everyone was genuinely happy, and that is everything I could ever want for my family.

As the year ends, I have one question for you all.. What is your New Year’s resolution? I shun all of you who roll yours eyes when asked this question, as having a resolution is something everyone should consider. Why? Well, at least you have an ambition of some sort. And, why not? Sure, most resolutions fizzle out by week 3 in February, but regardless, everyone should make a goal that betters themselves, whether it be something small, or something long term (like planting a garden, spending less money on your abnormally large shoe collection, or taking up fencing). I haven’t really decided on a New Year’s resolution yet, but I definitely think my goal for 2012 is to just take chances and reach for the stars at every opportunity possible. My life has taken so many unexpected turns in 2011, that it was really hard to keep my composure and let my guard down. But, whatever 2012 throws my way, I will take it with a grain of salt and just use it as fuel for whatever plans I decide on. That is why 2012 will be a year of adventure, discovery and learning for myself.

To sign off, I’d love to share with you a link for a free download of one of my songs that was featured on the PlayItLoud Compilation album. The song featured, All We Need, will be on my album Just Another Girl set for release early 2012. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering when that will be coming out, keep a CLOSE eye during the next few weeks.. As it is a surpise! Mwuahahahahahaha…

Happy Holidays!


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