Alas, here is a brand new live music video for my song Not Broken We Are produced by the amazing Green Couch Sessions.

Director: Nathan Skillen

Cinematography: Will Binks

Sound Recording/Editing: Chris Matei

Thank you to Gropp’s Gallery for the incredible hospitality and artwork, to my band for being awesome, and to the “extras” for being well-behaved and extra-enthusiastic.

Hello folks,

I have come out from under my rock to finally wish you all a Happy New Year! And, congratulations, it looks like the Apocalypse decided to bail last minute. Typical.  I have been busy dipping my fingers in to different honey pots for future 2013 endeavours, and I seem to have neglected a blog post for quite some time. Apologies, there’s a long line of procrastination that runs in my family.

Recently, I teamed up with Vancouver-based production company Green Couch Sessions for a new live music video. The crew, my band, a small group of music-goers invaded the eclectic arthouse Gropp’s Gallery, threw some lights up to set the mood, and jammed the hours away. It was a splendid time, and by the end of the night we had some pretty lovely footage to put a video together.

The video is for my new song, Not Broken We Are, and will be posted this Friday, Jan 18. So stay tuned!



12-Bands_Final_LineUp13 Hours. 12 Bands. 1 Great Cause.

I am so excited to be playing at the 12 Bands of Christmas presented by Shore 104.3 FM on December 14th at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. The event takes place from 6am-7pm, and will be filled with food, fun and Yuletide fesitivities. Music starts at 7am, and I will be on around 9pm. Come by for a drink and snacks, and be sure to drop off any food items or even a cash/credit card donations if you feel like being super-dee-duper awesome.

The 12 Bands of Christmas are LIO, Bocephus King, Alexandria Maillot, Greg Drummond, Redgy Blackout, Mark Peterson, Zaac Pick, Hilary Grist, Dominique Fricot, Headwater, Dan Moxon of Bend Sinister and Harpoonist & the Axe. Murderer. Yay!