A Bit of Light, Vol. 1

so incredibly honoured to be a part of such a beautifully curated music playlist from an incredibly beautiful individual.

this is such a great locally crafted and zero-waste gift option for any true music lovers and community supporters. all proceeds to go to your local food bank.




been hunkering down on a few exciting things that i can’t wait to share. in the meantime, I have been busy unpacking a few beauties that were highly anticipated for months and months and months until, finally, my doorbell was rung and my doorstep was covered in cardboard boxes. it is a pretty thing to feel all of your hard work tangibly, especially in the form of sonic indulgence that you have always dreamed of creating. it has been a real treat to test a few boxes out to make sure they are in working order, and I am happy to say that these little vinyl babies are finally available!

you can purchase via the Bandcamp store here: https://alexandriamaillot.bandcamp.com/album/time

if you are hoping for a more personalized copy, I am happy to hand deliver to you anywhere within the Lower Mainland region or on Vancouver Island (a bimonthly delivery) for ZERO extra cost. just place your sweet orders via Bandcamp and fill out the “include the message” section if you are hoping the transaction will include a swap from my sweaty palms to yours. as well, all records purchased online will include a personalized letter handwritten by me! who knows what it will say!

photos by Isaac Sim Photographer

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very cool to see that “Time” is still creeping in to the charts around Canada, this time in Kingston, ON. thank you CFRC 101.9fm for the plays, it is always so appreciated.

2017 is going to be a great year.

15977776_1536393403056584_5533071494793978764_n Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 6.15.17 PM


sometime in the middle of December, I decided to turn off my phone, leaving it behind somewhere on the mainland as I took a plane heading west and bid it a sweet farewell until who knew when. it has been nice, not grabbing for the wireless lifeline I kept so devotedly in my back pocket, especially on days when the Dominos pizza app made it far too easy to change dinner plans on a whim, or when my credit card was in the other room and online banking helped retain my caloric integrity and cut literal corners. 

but in all seriousness, I never once missed the immediacy of communication, or the social gratification that came from a freshly posted photo. I felt like I could think without interruption; I began to count on my neglected notepad, and found sanctuary in the cursive lining its pages. my curiosity of the inherited film camera that has sat in my bookcase for the past 3 years resurfaced; i organized my room, finally. i stopped receiving “?!” messages and stopped giving the “sorry i was busy” responses. instead, those who needed to contact me found their ways, and vice versa, and the whole process has left zero residual shoulder weight.

thus, my christmas gift to myself was downgrading my smartphone to a basic phone- you know, the talk and text kind with the protruding buttons- that I found on my endeavours in Switzerland. when I showed my 8-year-old step sister the new phone, she said, “but… where are your apps? how will you survive without your apps?” unfathomable… and yet, here we are.

i am going to post a little less and live a little more attentively, and with that i hope my words become less disposable. but before I sign off, I am very excited to be playing our first show of 2017 on Friday, January 13. details in link – if you’re on the island, hope to see you in person and have that good face to face talk I’m all about these days.


Tuff City Radio Presents: Northcote + Special Guests
Jan 13, 2017 @ Jack’s Pub in Tofino, BC
w/ Northcote and Grizzly Waves

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 6.18.36 PM

sometimes I find it hard to post about personal accolades when the world is shifting so quickly and I fail to acknowledge all of the events that take place before my own. sometimes I get overwhelmed and turn quiet; sometimes I think I am part of the problem when I am told in order for change to occur I must vocalize my advocacy so that the crowd grows louder. but, sometimes I think that those who still spark change sometimes do so internally, and in their initial moments of silence, learn how to utilize their voice in a way that would have otherwise been drowned out. 

I’m still trying to find my voice, but in my silence on social media I am finding ways to become a part of a bigger picture that will evoke change gradually and efficiently. whether it be donating to well-researched non-profit charities and organizations, volunteering time at various funding events, becoming a more involved advocate for our people, our rights, and our world, etc… it seems, sometimes, that those who fight for change don’t always shout it.

anyways, 2016, you have been a burden as well as a true privilege. I’m very excited for 2017 and all that it holds, but I’m signing off for 2016 and will take my moments to continue educating myself on ways to be a better person, social/environmental/rights advocate, conscious/informed/local consumer, friend/family member/partner, and all of the labels I associate myself with. hopefully in 2017 you find your voice as well.

much love
<3 <3 <3

(photo by Isaac Sim)

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Dark Places Remix

Adam K & Mooij just released a new remix of the song “Dark Places” and it is suUuUuUper sick. happy to have been a part of this fun tune.

just shed my 23-year-old skin and have already noticed a few differences: for one, 8 o’clock in the PM sure feels a lot like 11. straight, black coffee is super enticing these days (and tea). also, napping is almost a daily occurance…

one thing that is not as often of an occurance, however, is being included in Top Album year-end roundups.

thank you Ladies First CHUO 89.1 FM and CHUO 89.1 FM for giving my little sonic offering a home in your Top Albums of 2016, and to the various stations across the country who have been playing “Time” in rotation, allowing it to reach the Top 10 in community/college radio in nearly every province! 

24 has been pretty great so far.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 6.22.34 PM


this year has been one of practicing patience and learning to compromise.

23, you sure feel like a thing of the past. here’s hoping 24 fits a little better. 




things that happened when we were away: seasons changed, clocks went back, new heads of state were elected, pipelines were protested, musical legends passed on, rain boots were swapped out for winter boots…

took a week off to digest being back in the motherland after a whirlwind of 7 weeks. a lot of musicians can attest to the realness that is post-tour depression and how difficult it is to get back in to a regular regime when all you can think about is the next chance you will have to leave again.

it doesn’t help that I had to part ways with two of the greatest tour partners possible; we saw Joey Clarkson off in the wee hours of our second to last day in London, spotting our first fox on the adjacent street as we were saying our goodbyes (because apparently that’s a normal thing), and I said adeu to Kirsten Ludwig at the YYC airport after 9 short hours in the air where we devised our next plan of action.

what can be said to curb post-tour, post-Trump, and soon-to-be post-holiday depression, is that 2017 will be ten thousand times better than 2016. every one feels it; if 2016 were to be erased from history books, no sleeps would be lost and nearly any protestors would take to the streets. 2016 was our rock bottom; 2016 was the collapse of one giant, gaseous nebula. but, with that, 2017 will be the star, newly formed from the rubble.

here is a photo from our first 10 minutes in Reykjavik.


Goodbye EU

spent the last 3 days taking in every last bit of tour before departure. what a beautiful end to this 7 week endeavour the last couple of days have been. thank you to our friends and family who came out to our Bradford and London shows: your send-off was very much appreciated. Joey Clarkson, my good luck charm, thank you for your guidance and being such a driving force on this journey. Kirsten Ludwig, my true soul sister, thank you for being my constant rock and for basically carrying a dead weight around without ever complaining once.
we saw 2 sunsets in a matter of 9 hours, and somewhere along the way I witnessed my first circular rainbow. what a way to send off this chicky poo; til the next time, Europe. 15284074_10153935862535689_97076438360767183_n

hello again, 

Manchester, UK – Tiger Lounge

it’s nice to know our musical beginnings can be paralleled with others before us…

thank you Bristol for our quick entry and exit. your traffic is terrible yet your people are terrific; you have a nice balance going on here, it seems.

tonight :: Tiger Lounge – Manchester, UK @ 8


Bristol, UK – The Louisiana

stopped in Lyme earlier today on our way to Bristol. officially down to our last 3 musical rendezvous; stalling at every attempt we get.
tonight :: The Cellar @ The Louisiana – Bristol, UK14962621_10153921573890689_307225148938073756_n

Heidenau, DE – Hotel Burmester

thank you so much Studio Gezett and our new friends in Berlin. we are so sad to leave but can not wait to come back.

the 7 day countdown begins as we play one last EU show tonight in Heidenau at Hotel Burmester before we head back to the UK. we have been so privileged and for that we will remember this Eurotour fondly.


gearing up for a looooong trip in a coupl’a hours from Germany-UK, which means we will be home in a week’s time, and that means that tour will be over soon, and all of this is so overwhelmingly sad because I feel like these past 7 weeks have been so incredibly fruitful. we have met so many caring and generous individuals on our trip, and have been blessed with the most gracious audiences in our lifetimes. this has meant more to me than I ever thought it would; it has left me feeling more creatively inspired and ready for the next series of instalments. I’m surrounded by family and friends who keep me grounded and remind me that they will be behind me no matter what, and it is with that support that I find the confidence to continue this seemingly uncertain path. but, this is the only thing I want and it is the only thing I will ever claim as my own, and for that I am thankful that I am able to find a place in this world doing the thing that gives me purpose.15170886_10153915403535689_306391041655001267_n

Linz, AU – Hauskonzert

this incredible tour has been unreal so far; more than I could have ever hoped for on a very first Eurotour. having two of the best tour pals makes it that much sweeter. thank you Kirsten Ludwig and Joey Clarkson for filling my heart so full every night and constantly inspiring me onward on this journey.

tonight :: hauskonzert – Linz, AU


played to the most incredible audience last night in Bern. holy, my heart is so so full. our house concert hosts were incredible people and let us in to their home with the most open of arms humanly possible. we ate brunch with them this morning and bid them farewell with eternal gratitude. afterwards, we drove to Lucerne today to spend our day with the Vollenweider family, who took us exploring and made us Roclette (Swiss fondue-style dinner) which is now my favourite meal. we have been the most fortunate bunch on this trip, I truly never thought I would ever have been so fulfilled by one single thing in this world; music is the gift that keeps on giving, and I am humbled by the life it has provided me.
tomorrow, Austria 


Freiburg, DE – Hauskonzert

yesterday was one for the books. we rested our sick bodies on our day off and checked out some amazing sights in Köln and Bonn, then headed to Troisdorf (where very little ppl speak English) and stayed with Sarah & Torsten who provided A+++ hospitality. Torsten is a major movie freak, so we got to watch the horror film we’ve been talking about this whole tour oh his MASSIVE projector (causing us to be too afraid to go into the basement alone to do our laundry after lol).

onward to Freiburg to play a house concert 2nite !!!


pals, “Time” is #30 on the national campus and college radio chart. this is so amazing and I kinda can’t breathe (and it’s not because I have bad asthma btw).

if you feel like seeing this climb up the ladder, maybe consider requesting it the next time you tune in to your local college/campus station (and you should, they are amazing).

Koln, DE – KultureCafe Lichtung

NL-DE ⛽️
we got to play to the most considerate crowd in our collective memories tonight in Cologne and we are so grateful to every single person who came tonight and blew us away with their kindness. Germany, you are looking mighty fine. thank you Kulturcafe Lichtung for being the best.


laying low for the night at a hostel on the beach in Noordwijk, ND, sipping Emergen-C and mending the vocal chords before we continue onward with the tour, our next stop being tomorrow in Amsterdam at ClinkNOORD. in the midst of this tour craze, I just got wind of the news that my song “Time” has been climbing up the college radio ladder, and I can not fathom how truly monumental this moment is for me. being a self-released, self-managed, self-funded artist, these are the moments that it feels like things are slowly starting to stick.

thank you so much to CiTR Radio 101.9FM in Vancouver, CHSR FM Officialin Fredericton and 92.5 FM CFBX “the X” in Kamloops for giving my stuff a chance; it means everything. if you feel like seeing more stations play Time, maybe keep sharing the love and requesting dat good stuff.


Video from Cafe Dollars

unearthed this video montage from a sweet show patron to prove we are indeed playing music in actual venues over here. see mom? thank you Leon for taking the time to shoot this !


my phones started to act up as of late, which has made it difficult to document this unreal trip. but to give a snippet of a recap for the past 48 hours: we travelled to and ventured through 4 countries; drank tea with Teini (pronounced “Teenie”), a lovely owner of a second hand shop; met Moon Spark, who taught us the difference between Holland and the Netherlands, got lost looking for our billet in the deep farmlands of Molensteraust when we should have been in Molenstraut, played at Move in Barneveld with the super talented FLEMMING, etc etc. 

if you want to read about all of our happenings, please check out Kirsten Ludwig‘s website (link in her bio), because she has taken the time to list all of our encounters/experiences.

this photo was taken somewhere in Noordwijk-Binnen, in between us ODing on dessert mints and €0.85 Brie.